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  • Next meeting-Thursday September 26!

    Check 2019 Meeting Schedule
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  • Proposed amendment to the
    MHSOA Constitution:

    replace Article X, Sect. 1 with ...

    Article X, Sect. 1 -   The Nominating Committee shall accept any and all candidates seeking to run for any Officer or Director position. These names shall be presented to the membership of the Corporation at the meeting preceding the meeting at which the elections are scheduled to occur.

  • Proposed amendment to the
    MHSOA By-Laws:

    delete Article I, Sect. 3. which states:

    A member may obtain/maintain a 1 or 1A assignment classification only if that official completes the physical fitness test, as defined by NYSCOS ( New York State Certified Officials of Soccer), by the date set by the Board of Directors.

    Sect. 4 to be renumbered Sect. 3
    Sect. 5 to be renumbered Sect. 4

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