Postseason Tiebreaking Procedures

OVERTIME PROCEDURES (regular season & postseason)

Regular season games will consist of two (2) 40- minute halves with two (2) 10-minute sudden victory overtimes. Beginning with Sectional play and continuing through the State Tournament, overtimes will consist of two (2) 15- minute sudden victory periods and, if still tied, penalty kicks. The only exception to this would be in the State Championship game where co-champions may be declared after the two (2) sudden victory overtime periods.  Effective Fall 2022


RULES FOR PENALTY KICKS - Tournament play (for advancement purposes only)

If the score remains tied after the completion of all prescribed over-time periods, all coaches, officials and team captains shall assemble at the halfway line to review the procedure as outlined below:


  1. The head referee shall choose the goal at which all of the penalty kicks shall be taken. 
  2. Each coach will select any five players, including the goalkeeper, on or off the field (except those who may have been disqualified) to take the penalty kicks. 
  3. A coin toss shall be held.  The team winning the toss shall have the choice of kicking first or second. 
  4. Teams will alternate kickers.  There is no follow-up on the kick. 
  5. Following five kicks for each team, the team scoring on the greatest number of these kicks shall be declared the winner. 
  6. If a penalty shootout is still tied after the initial five sets, then the shootout goes into sudden victory. Each coach will select a different set of five players to take kicks. On a set-by-set basis, both teams will alternate taking penalty shots. If one team makes a penalty and the other does not, then the goal-scoring team is deemed the winner.
  7. If a penalty shootout is still tied after ten sets, the coaches shall select any five players to take kicks and the shootout will continue on a set-by-set basis, both teams will alternate taking penalty shots. 
  8. Add one goal to the winning team’s score and credit the team with a victory.  An asterisk (*) may be placed by the team advancing to indicate the advance was the result of a tiebreaker system.



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