Managing Your Schedule

Managing Your Schedule

Mid-Hudson Soccer Officials Association

Double-Booking and Turnbacks

One of MHSOA's major problems has been the number of turnbacks to both Section 1 and Section 9.


Much of the problem had to due with "cherry-picking." Some officials made themselves available for the same days to all of their assignors - Section 1, Section 9, junior college, and college. They then waited for the assignments to roll in, held off accepting until the last moment, and accepted the "best" game for each day. This must stop! The only person benefiting from this activity is that referee. Because they played this game, the match must be re-assigned, a referee may not be available or ready for that level game, and the teams end up with inadequate coverage of the match.

You must decide on the types of games that are important to you (and those of lesser importance), and adjust your availability to match that. For example, if college games are your thing, make yourself fully available for them, but reduce your availability for high school games. Initial college assignments should not be a problem, since they usually arrive much earlier than high school assignments (which arrive much earlier than junior college assignments.) The problems occur when games are added during the season - we'll address that later. The most important thing to do after you have accepted a game is to immediately update your availability for all other assignors.

Availability to Assignor A:

Calendar Calendar

Don't make yourself fully available to both high school assignors; instead, select days of the week on which you will accept assignments for a particular Section. For example, give Section 1 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and give Section 9 availability on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Again, after you have accepted an assignment, immediately update your availability with any other assignor that has that day open for you.

Availability to Assignor B:    

Calendar       Calendar

Okay, you have responded to all your assignors and accepted their games, but you became lax in updating your availability. Because of this laxity, you receive an assignment that is much better than the one you accepted. Wow, what a good game! Stop! Remember that you have a contract to officiate another game on that day. The only reason that you are in this quandary is because you have not previously done your job properly, i.e., made yourself unavailable. Tell the assignor of the "great game" that you would love to accept his game, but you can't because you screwed up and forgot to make yourself unavailable when you accepted the other game. Your integrity will probably put you on the assignor's "keeper list," even when you turn down his pleas.

There are more games out there than we have referees to cover, so you will not be without as full a schedule as you want. You may not have the college game or the varsity game on that day, but don't all teams at all levels deserve quality referees?

Trust and integrity are key attributes of a referee; not only on the field, but off. They are displayed by how you manage your schedule - well before the season begins. Now that the problems of "cherry picking" have been called to your attention, we hope that those of you who have done this in the past will modify your actions and that your future performance in accepting and refusing games will eliminate this problem. We're counting on it.

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