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Peer Ratings

The MHSOA Constitution (Article V, Section 7) states that, “Both Active and Dual members participate in any rating system enacted by the membership.”
It is the responsibility of each member to submit an evaluation (RATING) for each game they work during the season.

[Exception: Only new (first-year) referees are rated in Modified Games.]

Any member failing to participate in the peer rating system (By-Law, Article V, Sect. 1. D.) shall be fined $50.
Participation is is defined as rating at least 80% of the games you work during the season.
Ratings are entered from within the Member Area

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Rating System Guidelines
Varsity and JV Games - Must Rate Every Partner in Every Game.
Modified Games - Must Rate First Year Members Only.

Explanation of Categories
MHSOA Ratings Form

Category 1 - Rules

  • Is knowledge of the rules demonstrated throughout the game?
  • Are fouls enforced firmly and consistently?
  • Are restarts handled correctly?
  • Are substitutions handled correctly?
  • Is the clock handled correctly?

Category 2 - Courage/Poise

  • Does the official perform well under pressure/maintain composure?
  • Is firmness and decisiveness displayed consistently?
  • Does the official maintain control of the benches?
  • Is the official in the "flow" of the game?
  • Does the official work well with players, coaches, spectators, and fellow official?

Category 3 - Physical Conditioning/Appearance

  • Can the official keep up with the pace of the contest?
  • Can the official cover the "fast break"?
  • Is the official's uniform clean and proper? Shoes shined?
  • Did the official arrive in a timely manner?

Category 4 - Judgment

  • Is the "advantage" rule applied correctly?
  • Does the official deal properly with misconduct?
  • Does the official exhibit practical judgment?
  • Are "difficult" calls avoided?
  • Is good judgment displayed off the ball?
  • Are foul calls consistent?

Category 5 - Mechanics

  • Is the official consistently in the best position to make the call?
  • Does the official move to maintain the preferred position?
  • Is assistance provided to the 2nd official when needed?
  • Are hand signals used correctly?
  • Does the official communicate with his/her partner as required?
  • Is the whistle used as an effective tool?

Grading System

  • Begin with the assumption that your partner is "Very Good", which is a rating of 8.
  • Grade higher or lower based on your partner's performance and the level of play.
  • A grade of 9 (or in rare cases 10) must be earned.
  • Resist the temptation to rate your best friend higher than deserved.
  • Conversely, be fair to a partner with whom you may have had problems in the past.
  • Any Grade of 4 or below requires an explanation.

Questions/Comments about the Rating System should be directed to the Association Vice President.

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