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Online Rules Exam

The annual NFHS Rules Exam is administered online via the NFHS website.

Every official is required to take the NFHS written soccer exam ONLINE each season.

The Deadline this year is August 13, 2019

Note: You must complete Exam Part I. Part II will not be accepted.


Begin by going to the NFHS Exams Website:

You will now see the User Sign In page

If you have previously registered ... go ahead and Sign In.
Then ... Jump to Exam Dashboard in these instructions.

If you have not previously registered click "Register"
in the upper-right corner of the page.

Next is the Account Setup page
Note: If you are already registered skip to ... You now arrive at the Exam Dashboard page

Choose a username. Enter your E-mail Adddress. Choose a password ... click "Next"

Now fill in your Personal Information

Note: The screenshot below is truncated. The last item is "Timezone" - select: EST ... then click "Next"

Next is the Association Information page

Primary State Association = New York       Alternate State Associations »» Do not fill in this item.
*** IMPORTANT *** For Local Association type in: Mid Hudson ... Click "Finish"

Next, within a short period of time you will receive an email from
with the Subject line: Account Created

At the bottom of the message it says. "Click here to sign in." Do that!

That click will re-open the User Sign In page

Enter your Username and Password. Click "Sign In"

You now arrive at the Exam Dashboard page

Locate "New York 2019 Soccer Exam Part I" ... Click "Take Exam"
Note: Deadline to take the exam and submit results is August 13.

You can download - then print if you like - a PDF version of the exam here:
2019 NFHS Soccer Exam Part I.pdf

Proceed ... Take the Exam

If you do not complete the exam in one session you can click »» "Save & Exit"
Resume the exam by returning to the Sign In page ...

After completing the exam you will receive an email from
with the Subject line: Exam Completed

Forward this email message to Scott Carruthers:


You have 99 attempts to get a passing grade
Varsity officials minimum = 85
Non-Varsity minimum = 70

Deadline to complete the exam and email confirmation to Mr. Carruthers:
August 13, 2019

Thank You


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