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How to Join

Mid-Hudson Soccer Officials Association

Class Schedule

Date Time Location
Next Class ...Spring 2020 ... ...
Be in Good Physical Condition
Successfully Complete Entry Class
Attend Pre-Season On-Field Clinic
Obtain Proper Uniforms
Attend Association Meetings
Be Available Weekdays
- Most Games Start at 4:15 pm
- Ulster & Dutchess County
Commit to 2-3 Games per Week
Class Fee
(includes Association Dues)
  $  99.00
Travel - To Games & Meetings


The MHSOA serves area schools and the soccer community by providing
professional talent in a much needed role.
We strive to better the world's greatest game. You will find that you enjoy soccer even more
by working as a certified referee.

A Free Fitness Program
Earn Some Extra Money
(Fee Schedule)
A Fun & Challenging Activity


Q: Do I have to work games every day?

A: No, but you can if you want to. New referees are expected to work three games per week; each game is 80 minutes long.

Q: Why must I be fingerprinted?

A: For the protection of pupils in educational settings from abuse and maltreatment, NYS law requires the fingerprinting of prospective employees of school districts, charter schools and boards of cooperative educational services.
For additional information see: Fingerprinting

Q: Is this a job only for middle-aged (and older) men?

A: No! We greatly encourage both men and women to join. We need lots of new young referees in their 20's and 30's.

Q: Is this a volunteer endeavor?

A: No again. Some referees make over $2,000 in a season.

Q: Will I get yelled at?

A: Yes, but not necessarily at every game.

Q: When is the next Entry Class?

A: See the Class Schedule.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Call James Bowne, Instructor/Interpreter, at (845) 629-9088 OR
send email to

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