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Fitness Test

Below are common questions regarding the MHSOA Fitness Test requirements

Q: Who is required to take a fitness test?

The MHSOA Constitution states:
"To maintain a 1 or 1A classification the official must take the State fitness test as defined by NYSCOS prior to October 1st. An official cannot be upgraded to a 1 or 1A unless he/she has taken the State fitness test."

This means that Class 1 and 1A members must take the fitness test or else be demoted.
Also, Class 2 and 3 members who wish to be considered for promotion to Class 1 or 1A must take the fitness test.

The MHSOA Executive Committee strongly encourages all members, even those not strictly required, to participate in the fitness test.


Q: What are the elements of the fitness test?

1. 12 minute run
2. 200 meter dash/run
3. 50 meter dash


Q: What are the consequences if a member does not take the fitness test?

Class 1 and 1A members will be demoted one Class.
Class 2 and 3 members will not be eligible for promotion to Class 1 or 1A.

In addition -- NYSCOS (New York State Certified Officials of Soccer) requires the MHSOA to certify that all officials who attend the State Tournament Finals have taken the required fitness test.


Q: When are fitness tests held?

Generally, fitness tests are held during the month of August. Members are encouraged to monitor the Meetings page on the MHSOA web site for times and locations.


Q: Is my USSF or NISOA fitness test accepted as a substitute for the NYSCOS test?

Yes, but the individual who gives the test must provide, in writing, the results of your test to the MHSOA Secretary.

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